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July 4th, 2013

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

This post is a celebration not only of the fireworks display from last night, but also a showcase of how well the new lenses I was issued work under long exposures.  Plus, looking back through my archive, I realize that I actually HAVEN'T blogged about fireworks before!

Anyhow, enjoy these photos, and enjoy your holiday, and never take for granted the freedoms we have as Americans.

fireworks 01

fireworks 02

The ones above were shot with the new 70-200 IS version II.  Substantially sharper and higher contrast than my eight-year-old version I.

fireworks 03

fireworks 04

The last two were made with the 16-35 version II at 35mm.  Also a day and night difference from my previous version.

Both exposures were made at f16, 4 seconds, 2000 ISO, exposure mode:  manual.

No tripod.

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